State Machine offers a wide range of CNC machining services on a make-to-print basis. Utilizing the latest machine tool technology, State Machine can produce individual components in batches of all sizes through to complex mechanical and electro-mechanical assemblies.

Recent investments have focused on machine tools offering reduced set-up times coupled with high throughputs providing our customers with value for money solutions. Additional investments in off-line programming and Inspection equipment enables State Machine to consistently produce high quality components and assemblies to meet the most exacting expectations.

Large Component CNC Machining

State Machine specializes in the CNC machining of large and often complex components.

CNC Turning
Diameter = 26″
Swing = 30″
Between Centers = 80″

CNC Turning

A cutting tool is moved parallel to the axis of rotation to produce precise diameters and depths.
Peel Small web

CNC Milling

Milling machines perform the functions of both drilling and turning machines.

CNC Drilling & Tapping

Fine boring in addition to tapping.

Conventional Machining

Mechanical Energy. Easy set up of equipment. Lower capital cost.

Prototype Engineering

Design, analysis, manufacturing, and maintenance.